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How to Write a Great Explainer Video Script

A great script is the backbone of a great video. It lays the foundation for the video and how the message is delivered. You need to structure it well so that you can introduce what pain you solve and how you solve it, along with how your product / service...

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How Long Should an Explainer Video Be?

We get this question all the time.  The clients we work with usually know that shorter videos are better, but when it comes down to scripting, many start cramming in additional points that add time to their video...

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How to Tell A Great Story – Business Edition

Getting the attention of your target market is no easy task.  Once they look your way, you have to pique their interest quickly to get them engaged.  That’s where storytelling comes in; a good story evokes the emotions of your audience and makes them care. Rather than just throwing facts at...

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