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Launchspark Video | Process
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Our Process


  • Discovery

    We learn everything there is to know about your company, target market, call-to-action and brand style / personality.

  • Concepting

    We look for overall concepts and themes to apply to form a cohesive story that compels your viewers to action.

  • Scripting

    We take your brand's tone and personality to write the script, which we refine using your feedback until it's perfect.

  • Voiceover

    We find the perfect voice talent for your video, utilizing our go-to roster or opening up an audition for talent.


  • Storyboarding

    We take our script and create frame-by-frame pencil sketches to show you how the story will be portrayed visually.

  • Illustration

    After creating 2-3 style frames and getting approval, we illustrate all of the visual assets to be used in the video.

  • Animation

    This is where your video comes to life! We put everything in motion using the storyboard, voiceover and illustrations.

  • Sound Design

    Once the animation is finished and approved, we add the icing on the cake -- background music and sound effects.


  • Hosting

    A personalized video player, post-video CTA, email address turnstyle, in-depth analytics and a whole lot more.

  • Integration

    We help integrate the video into your marketing automation platform to ensure you have the right data at the right time.

  • A/B
    Split Testing

    We find what works best by split testing video lengths, thumbnails and content to optimize your conversion rate.

  • Iteration

    Based on our engagement and split testing data, we continue to tweak the video to optimize viewer conversion.