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Acumen Solutions

Helps government agencies listen, connect and respond.


Analyze the complete customer journey all in one centralized hub.


A fresh focus on patent care.


Make the right stock picks using the wisdom of the crowd.


Follow-up intelligently with email engagement analytics.


Understand your customers from marketing to purchase.


Hiring made easy.


Optimize your hotel's revenue with Duetto's advanced algorithms.


Your new career is only a click away.

The MNT Set

Your pre-owned luxury collection.

Spark Lifecare

Your trusted partner in care.

Clearview Elite

Beautiful web-based property presentations.

Snellings Law

Let Snellings Law worry about collecting your invoices.


Hire on-campus in a breeze with GradsLikeMe.

Libby James

Why pay a photographer when you can make your own high-quality wedding album?


Simplify office networking with the Pertino cloud solution.


Comparing chemical testing on animals vs. using robotics.


Sort, understand, analyze and automate all of your organization's feedback.


Increase engagement and communication with your brand.

IntraLinks Courier

Share files with anyone securely and with complete control with IntraLinks Courier.

The Story of AMPAD

How Bain Capital made money at AMPAD while Mitt Romney was CEO.

TeamBonding Facilitators

This video outlines the value that TeamBonding's facilitators bring to the event planning process.

The Hive

A non-monetary system of employee recognition.


Welcome to iOffice, a room reservation app for employees and coordinators.


Find the animator that fits your project's style, budget and timeline.


List your property on MLS just like an agent... but without the commission costs.

Texas Ask'Em

It's just like the Texas Hold'Em Poker you already love, but with a trivia twist!

Funding Fitness

Engage students in the fundraising process while promoting fitness.


Control and monitor the documents you've sent, all with complete security.

Michael Page

This video infographic provides salary and market insight for 2013


Use big-data technology to make sense of all your restaurant's open-ended feedback.

Strata Worldwide

The global leader in mine safety solutions


Use the power of play to create and strengthen bonds amongst your team.


Instantly co-browse any website or web application with a client or anyone else.

The Poll

Engage and inform your employees with online polls.


Boost your business using the power of reviews.


Optimize SEO.
Turn browsers into visitors.

Websites with video are 50 times more likely to be ranked on Google’s first page, and video is 41% more likely to get clicked on than a text result.

Maximize understanding.
Turn visitors into prospects.

With attention spans down, it’s important to cut through the clutter of text alone with visual learning to clearly convey your value proposition.

Increase conversion.
Turn prospects into customers.

Up to 85% of visitors are more likely to buy a product or service after viewing an explainer video.

Enable sharing.
Turn customers into evangelists.

Let your evangelists help grow your brand virally by easily sharing your video over social networks.